Lamb of God weekend-I  

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If there ever was a perfect weekend, this defenitely was one. The three days of metal mayhem started on Thursday. Giving the first day a miss, we decided to start the action on Friday. The Lamb of God pre party was arranged at Zero G in residency road. What I loved was the location of this pub- on the 10th floor of a building housing offices of the likes of RBS, IBM etc. The concert pit was even more interesting. It was set up inside a swimming pool, which was drained completely. And then there was the wide open sky above with the occasional lightning painting all kinds of scary graffiti. All the elements of an underground concert, only that it was above in the skies.
Eccentric pendulum

Out of the eight bands that performed, the pick of the evening were Abraxas, Eccentric pendulum and devoid. But abraxas from Pune did tower over the rest with their highly energetic performance. It was with their performance that all hell broke loose and the moshpits erupted. Having heard their name quite a lot in nationwide rock discussions, it came as a surprise to see this really young bunch. But the age was inversely proportional to the tightness to the band. I became a fan after the first song. Eccentric pendulum, with heavy leanings on the progressive side did bring much needed variety to the evening. Vibhas, the drummer had gone a few notches above, compared to the last time I saw him. Another star drummer of the evening was Manu of escher's knot, but the band as a whole failed to make an impact. Devoid, the old schoolers from Bombay were the unlucky but eye catchy band. Unlucky because they could play only one song after making such a long trip to Bangalore. And as they proceeded to play the second song, the moron sitting behind the sound console pulled the plug, much before the 11 PM cut off time. Folks, musicians deserve a lot more respect, especially talented ones like this. And pulling the plug in the middle of a show is not the way to do it. Anyway, Devoid's 'beer song' became an anthem among the tuborg sipping audience there.



The disappointment of the evening was the mysterious absence of 'nothnegal', the headlining act comprising of former members of kalmah and chimaira. Either this was a publicity stunt by the organisers to bring in the audience or the band might have pulled out in the last minute. Either ways, the organisers could've atleast shown the courtesy of announcing it to the crowd rather than ending the show abruptly. Still, no complaints. Because this evening served as a warm up and an apetiser for what was to follow on saturday...the biggest day of them the next blog ...

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So u have got timekeepers in rock shows... so nice!!!

Good fotos man..awesome mob cam

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