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Face it. we are a bunch of stupid idiots. We are easily fooled. Anyone can sell anything to us, if he has even a slight knowledge of marketing. We swallow even those big lies floating around. Even an orangutan will think twice before believing such lies. But, we do it and manage to smile proudly. Government lies. Judiciary lies. Media lies. Your partner lies. Your employer lies. Your milkman lies. We grab and eat those lies and spit out more lies about these lies.

Everyday you open the newspaper and end up believing whatever is written on it. You believe they can speak only the truth because they are afterall the media. For example, this new year Times Of India's first page screamed out 'Aman Asha- an initiative for India Pakistan friendship'. And believe me, there were atleast 2 guys who told me this was a superb initiative, that too coming from a media house. If the sham of a peace talk between the governments aptly titled 'Sharm al sheikh' was not enough, we have here India's official yellow paper joining hands with a Pakistani media group with the one and only lofty intention of peace. And as part of the initiative, we have Indian and Pakistani artists performing together in India(and not in Pakistan..note the point). Its a known fact that all Paki artists prefer to perform in India because thats were the money is. And most of the suckers in Pak would die without their daily dose of bollywood cinema. Whats more, our own dear VIP terrorist Ajmal Kasab confessed that he came to Mumbai to watch a bollywood movie at the place of its birth. TOI says the common people at both sides love to have peace. True. But the world is not made up of common people alone. We have a big bunch of India hating, ultra orthodox morons in Pak. First make sure each of them has taken his last breath and then it would be a good excercise to talk about peace. And yeah, it doesn't help that some of those morons are part of the Pak government and army. And so, what is the real purpose of this initiative? circulation, readership, money... Its just a simple expansion plan for 2 media houses. And, we have teary eyed people here applauding the Times group for this effort in the 'right' direction. Yes, a whole country of billions being fed stupidity and people actually giving a standing ovation. But, thankfully there was backlash too though it remained largely confined among the online community.

In the same way, we are fed stupidity in its various forms. In Kerala, we are made to believe that the terrorist Madani is a changed man. Pinarayi Vijayan will tell you Madani should be worshipped like a saint. Madani's wife Sufiya, who has links with almost all of the terrorists caught in Kerala recently, is also said to be in line for sainthood. The marxist will tell you that her nokia mobile automatically stores the phone numbers of all terrorists in Kerala and even automatically dials and receives calls before and after an attack. They are actually planning to sue Nokia. And then there's the master of them all, Pinarayi telling us that all these cases against him and his friends are the handiwork of 'change man' Obama who has a specific agenda against the Kerala left. Coming to the 'change man' himself, after recieving the Nobel peace prize he was telling the world that the 'change' that he was talking about was stolen by a bus conductor in Koothaattukulam, where there's a shortage of change, especially the 1 rupee and 2 rupee coins. Meanwhile, all the world's media is focussed on what Tiger Woods is doing. Speculations are rife regarding the number of mistresses he had. I wonder why the media should care which 'golf club' is Tiger using at any moment. They should learn to switch off their cams the moment he takes the 'golf club' meant for the bedroom. Its his personal matter and the media has no business until he lays his hands on Rupert Murdoch's mistress. And not to be left behind, the national media got a scapegoat in N D Tiwari, the 'sexy at eighty' former Andhra governor. I would say mediamen are jealous. Many of the 60 something media heads seems to be jealous at this 86 year old man having a threesome at his official residence and decided to bring him down. And thus orgasms officially entered our 'breaking news'. And many had stupid erections of glee.

If all this were not enough, there are conspiracy theorists around coming up with any juicy story that comes to their mind, stories of the vein of 'the world is one big illusion', 'Mumbai attacks were India's own handiwork' etc. There are people who believe that too. Every movie that released is a blockbuster. Someone points at peanuts and calls it money and you jump up in joy. Judiciary says every biggie murder accused is innocent. Every biggie rape accused 'doesn't have the instruments for the act to be carried out'. Every scam accused politician is an ascetic. Not to forget the sham called austerity. And then there is the biggest sham of them all. A blogger writing this blog just because he hasn't written anything substantial in a long time, was out of topics and wanted to sound important. Yes, my contribution to the load of stupidity and now don't turn around to search for the idiot. Its you...

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Its good that you didn't use the word Idiocy instead of Stupidity. The term 'Idiot' has an oxymoronic meaning now! :P

Madani and his CPM link was the biggest joke ever happened in Kerala politics (after Karu-Murali saga). I don't want to comment on the TOI bhai-bhai, I honestly donno what they're thinking! Its a huuuuuuuuuuuge laugh.. Are the TOI group going to launch Times of Pakistan across there???

2:02 AM

Happy New Year Praveen! Abundant blessings to you!

Excellent post as usual.

Discernment is surely lacking these days!

Hey, have you seen this?

5:47 AM

Regarding the Indo-Sino or Indo-Paki cultural ties is a big sham... Just marketing our albums to and fro.

Regarding the other things I too think the media should leave the private life of celebrities to themsleves.
Poor Tiwary he might not have got his sexual appitets(what was the spelling) fulfilled by 70-yr old wife. So he paid someone to do it. So what the hell. The girls got paid and Tiwary got satisfaction. Pure business..
And recently there was an interview with Rajmohan Unnithan. It was damn funny. He was claiming that woman was her sister. Ok 'paid sister'- a new concept by Unnithan.

10:50 AM

Of course we are stupid! I'm surprised you minced words, those that if I may, you'd let me complete - we are a bumbling bunch of idiots, the least to say that is!

11:38 AM

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

2:28 AM

Thats a whole lot of frustration...
True, me need to take every dose of media supply with a pinch of salt...
The fourth estate after all needs money first...

7:24 PM

We are a frustrated group of youngsters of Y-Generation... With passing yrs, we forget one important thing that "Yeh India Hein Meri Jaan", even if we indians go to another milky way... stil we wont change....... we will still do all the idiotic things which we used to do b4......... ofcourse we wil never stop seeing, hearing and believing..

6:50 PM

gr8 dude.Even in an ad I've seen today amid breakfast news dons MS Dhoni wearing a save tiger T & persuading others to join save tiger campaign. How can poaching done by underworld honchos be stopped by this campaign??
Himalayan Lies...

10:12 AM

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