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There are times when we lose hope in our leaders. There are times when we think our country is doomed. There are times when we become such big cynics and see only the dark clouds. At those times, take a look at the young spirited kids around you. Think of yourself when you were young, like an unchained horse, so full of spirit and so full of passion that you could set the world on fire. Let that fire burn again. Be young again. Change is within that young kid you put to sleep inside yourself. Hope, if ever anything is left, is still burning inside you. Open up, let the kid out. Let the spirits soar. Chase your dreams. Let the tricolour fly. And let India race ahead...
Belated Independence day wishes to all...

I dare you to stand on my path!!!

Following the footsteps of our immortal legends

Stop clicking and join me!!

PS- Clicked during a school's independence day rally in coorg

your crusader Praveen

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Kinda belated, but HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! You sober? :)

6:06 AM

Splendid shots! The last one is awesome! Loved the expression!

9:45 AM

The first one is the best which expresses the idea of strong hope and strength.. :-)

Thank you for sharing the pics..

9:56 AM

a nice compilation dude :)

1:25 PM

Happy Independance Day to you too Praveen. If we - the current generation - should stand up in unity for our values - we can definitely make a small difference in this unjust world. I see India soaring great heights in the near future.

I like the expression of the kid holding our national flag in the first pic :) priceless expression. I have a similar childhood childhood pic. Just that the Flag was replaced by a mike :D

2:15 PM

Belated happy independence day...
Ur post was sort of a wake up call.. coz these days ppl r so busy that they realise, they need to be united are only when some terrorrist attack or sme calamity comes...
due to our personal goal, we forget that we have a country to serve..

4:38 PM

The second pic is awesome. Loved it!

Happy Independence Day, bro!

8:11 PM

somehow i dont feel too optimistic about the india growth story..Given the current ground reality, i would side with the pessimist more...:(

anyways belated independence day wishes...

9:42 AM

naaaaiiiice pics :)
happy belated independence day if u r single :D

1:14 PM

whatever happened to the comment i typed before? :-/ sheesh!!

There are times when we lose hope in our loved ones . There are times when we think our life is doomed. There are times when we become such big cynics and see only the dark clouds.

funny how the same statement can apply to one's life in general.

good to see a new innovative way to represent hope for the future...children...! going the abdul kalam way, eh? :-)

cheers, dude! happy belated independence day!

7:01 PM

no way am gonna be sober :D


thanks man

@Agent VV
THnks :)

do u mind sharing tht childhood pic? :D

@devil incarnate
yeah...wake up 's the message

thnks man

throw tht cynicism out man:D...

yeaa yeaa...single :P
and independent...hehehe

donow whr it went..I dint get it ;)
yes, now I see we can use it in life too ;)...
well, maybe abdul kalam inspired me somehow cos he's a man whom I look upto a lot

10:30 PM

Great pictures buddy ! Yo have an excellent photo blog.

BTW at Nasrajan you should be telling Thanks Gal :)

10:47 PM

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