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This happened some years back(I guess, its been almost 5 years). And this is the first time am revealing it to anyone. I had this weird idea which I titled "Message in a bottle". It was inspired from a movie I saw at that time. I wrote a message in a piece of paper. It went something like this-"To whoever is reading this,This paper comes to you from a place called Trivandrum, which you can locate as one of the bottom most areas of India in the world map. This paper carries no lucky charm. Nor would it liberate from all your sins. This is just a message of peace." And then I proceeded to write the english translation of the lyrics of A.R.Rahman's "Vellai Pookkal" from "Kannathil Muthamittaal", which I got from somebody. Then I added-"Please add your message of peace, your name and country and put it in the bottle. Then throw it into the ocean.From Praveen, India"

I tightly bound this piece of paper in a plastic cover and fixed it thoroughly using cellotapes. Then I put it in a tight bottle and wrote "the message" on the side of the bottle, using a marker. I went alone to the Valiyathura pier(kadal paalam) in Trivandrum and proceeded to the end point. Some people were standing there. I slowly took the bottle and threw it far away into the sea. Then I stood there for sometime watching it dancing over the waves. Thankfully for me, it was travelling to the horizon rather than towards the shore. After somedays, I completely forgot about this.

Today, after a long time, it somehow came to my mind. Now I wonder, where it might have reached, who might have read it and who might have added to it. Or did it end up at the same shore on the same day itself. One can never know. I would consider myself the luckiest person alive if someday I get the bottle back. Now am thinking of doing it again and add my e-mail address to the message so that those who get it can mail me and tell me what they added.

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What a brilliant idea:D..Though i prefer what u did first than ur new idea..It loses the beauty of anonymity when u add ur email id.

P.S- Nee ini meen medikan pokumbo meen pothinju theruna paper ok onu nokiyere:D

6:36 PM

still I wud get to know whr it reached:D...anonymity is not tht good always

ps-(latest news)mumbai kadappurathu vechu oru meenkaarikku athu kittiyathaayi aa meenkaari gtalkil paranju

12:16 PM

I like reading the external blog much better than the internal...more charming :-). Too bad it's blocked in office. I hope you get to know what has happened someday. I agree, anonymity may rob you of the joy of knowing where your message actually travelled.

9:26 PM

I like reading external blogs more than the internal ones...more charming, for sure. I agree, anonymity is not quite the best way to go about things all the time, for it would definitely be great to know where your message travelled.

9:27 PM too prefer external blogs...donnow y they r blocking this...I dont find anything thats unproductive in blogs...

hope the message reaches back to my hand some day:)

9:52 PM

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