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This is a song that I wrote last week. You can interpret it in any way you want, just as you interpret your dreams...

*********wingless, finless*************

Its pitch black as darkness falls
the shadows are hard to make out
but i ride alone and shine along
the helios glows its heart out.

Its a brand new story, every night
as my unchained mind gallops
along unknown paths and little known worlds
on another aimless quest

Its the power of dreams, they tell u
Never known of these endless boundaries
wingless I fly, finless I swim
But built up are castles of sand.

Its an escape route, when doom looms
Sown are the seeds of inspiration
Its a ray of hope, for the lost soul
Born out of a thought etched in time.

NB-I took the snap of the sunset last year at Kovalam beach. Thought this will be apt for the subject...

your crusader Praveen

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