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I am racist

Yeah.U read it right. I been a racist right from the time I started going to nursery. Because thats when I learned about the monkey and started calling some of friends monkeys. And for that matter, most of my friends are also racist because they also been using this word for a pretty long time. This shocking truth struck me yesterday when the ICC declared the word 'monkey' as a racist slur.I am still wondering what crime did the poor creature commit for its name to be ranked alongside such respectful words as 'nigger'.

Today, I read so many posts in infyblogs about how the Indians are blaming the umpires and aussies' lack of sportsman spirit for their own incompetence. I just don't see any justification in these claims rather than the urge to have a different opinion from the masses. Team India put in all of their effort to make it tough for the aussies except for a few notable exceptions like Yuvraj. The main point many raised was that the Indians wouldn't have raised the issue of bad umpiring and aussie spiritlessness had India atleast drawn the match. But the point they are forgetting is that it would've been a different story[India might actually have won] if not for the above mentioned factors.

Its time the ICC threw away such blind incompetent donkeys as steve bucknor from the umpiring panel. And, for the Aussies, words starting with 'm' and 'f' are friendly . The only thing is that only they are allowed to do so. They can call others anything. If u reply, you are a racist. In the now infamous Bhaji-monkey incident too, it were the men in yellow who started it. But it was an indian who got penalised in the end. The Aussies are known to intimidate their opponents with the ugly sport called 'sledging' when things are not going their way. Thats what happened here too. Its really a surprise that 6 aussies were there to testify against bhaji claiming to have heard the 'monkey' call, which not even the umpires didn't hear[reportedly,one of these players were in the boundary at the time of the incident].

The Indian captain conducted himself really well in the post match conference after exemplary performances in the field. Its really a shame that many Indians are blaming their own team and praising the shameless aussies like ponting and clarke. I had great respect for the aussies until this match. They spoiled it all. They are a shame to the sport alongwith the biased umpires. Hope the next 2 matches will turn out to be heated contests with Indians giving the aussies a taste of sledging:D
PS- I developed a new habit yesterday. Using 'F' and 'B' interchangeably...For example, Buck Fasketball. So, how will you say Steve Bucknor?

your crusader Praveen

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Beats me how the Aussies get away inspite of using the "sledgehammer" periodically, especially when challenged. The last time Bhajji was pulled up for using the word "vulgar", they should've known it was done under extreme,provocative circumstances.
I don't think the "infamous" Mumbai crowd at Brabourne Stadium had anything personal about Symonds being of African was simply the influence of the newsies that quoted/misquoted his outrageous remarks about the Indian cricket team after their T20 victory.

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