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'Flexibility' is a word we associate mostly with the english language. There are so many brands of english around the world. Sometimes, even the British guys do have a hard time understanding some of these exotic brands. In the name of flexibility, the language has been subjected to gangrape,gruesome murder and sometimes re-birth.

But even this knowledge of the language's flexibility didn't prepare me to handle the shock of reading one simple sentence some days back. We have this habit of drinking Capuccino every night at 12 30 from the coffee day at FC3. But this special day, we were greeted by a big banner that read
"Hot bewerage not available. MASHIN FALT".
Hope all of u understood what they meant.

your crusader praveen

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lol ...I thought they were graduates; and alternative job seekers. n Now I know they drink late in to the night.:o

8:54 AM

So how would you hope to crusade against this flagrant abuse of the virgin English Language and deal with this extreme case of culpability, by not affecting the economic status of the party responsible, in the near future?

2:12 PM

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