100th post-A small goodbye  

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before the last show with Stoneage...
the last show......


This is gonna be a special post in many ways. After years of huffing and puffing and a slow down as the mark neared, I completed my long awaited century. yes, 100 blog posts. And this one gonna be the last one before i join my job at infosys in mysore. Last week been one of the most hectic ones that I ever had in my lazy life. It all started with the preparation for my last show with the band. And as always, we went for it with the last minute practise. thank god, we were able to put up a decent show[hope so]. Its hard for me to leave this band, which's been a part of my life for a pretty long time now. And I really hope these guys would continue for a long time to come and conquer some unchartered territory soon.

After my last show, it was a mad rush all week long to visit all my relatives and old gurus. And some trips did bring many nostalgic memories.

I gotta cut this blog short now...Since am running outta time...
From morrow, am gonna miss lots of things which been part of my life for a long time. My 'miss'list would read as follows... parents, band, friends, my bike, long chats in yahoo...and this blog too. Its ironic that my 100th post here is about something personal. As you all know, most of my posts here have dealt with issues that are not even remotely personal. And now, here I am, shedding 'blogtears' on the things am gonna miss...

thats it 4 now...maybe, my last post in 4 months...
A big thanks to all those who supported me all along in writing this blog...I dedicate this milestone post to all those who commented, to all those who criticised, to all those who advised and to all those who have read atleast one post of mine...


with love, your crusader Praveen

checkout some more pics of the last show-

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Happy journey! ... Have an eventful life ahead! :)
Gonna miss you too >:D<
Wishing you success in all your ventures. Kanaam >:D<

Blogtears or real ones, ... I don't know. Poyittu vaa! ;)

Have fun, all the way, jabri!

11:37 AM

Never say never buddy! You may be here much earlier than you think! :-)
Take care and have fun...God bless you...

7:59 AM

I will miss you.. dear brother

3:51 PM

I will miss you , Dear Brother

3:51 PM

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