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All hail the supreme court of India for staying the OBC quota for another academic year. The politicians [especially the great quota lover Arjun Singh] are now trying all possible ways to get it done this year itself, but I dont think the Supreme court is gonna change its strong stand on this issue. This decision comes as a solace for all those spirited young guns who battled with all heart against this injustice. Hope next year, the supreme court produce a ruling abolishing the quotas as a whole[hmm...thats my wild mind going wilder with some impossible dreams...''etra sundaramaaya nadakkatha swapnam'']...

So, to celebrate this great day, I dedicate this great song titled ''voices'' from the Indian band ''pentagram''.. The video is a tribute to the young citizens of India, who fought for merit...

with a voice not good enuf 4 singing,
your crusader praveen

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Nice video....

10:54 AM

hey . totally agree with you on the Quota thing .. and am specially happy that the issue has been closed this 'quickly' by the Indian judiciary!

was waiting for my results since April 12th .. about time i get over the suspense ..

btw .. nice video!

5:38 PM

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