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Cry my beloved country...

21/08/2006.. the second darkest day in the history of Independent India comes 31 years after
the first one.... 26/07/1975, the day when Indira Gandhi declared emergency in our country. Today the Union Cabinet unanimously cleared the bill proposing 27 p.c. quotas in all
institutions of higher education under the central Government. The vote hungry politicians,
by clearing this bill, has taken our country some 50 years back in the road to development.
This piece of shit, called the quota, would better serve as some stuffing in the mouth of
our great HRD minister Mr. Arjun 'bloody' singh, rather than as a step towards social
equality in India.

The most interesting thing now is that the debate has shifted from whether the quota should be implemented or not to how the quota should be implemented. No politician is talking against the quotas. This includes all the forward caste politicians. Now, they are going to implement the quotas in a stagerred manner over 3-4 years. Even that is not acceptable to some filthy politicians. They want it all to be implemented in one go. what kind of social justice is this, i wonder.........
I salute all those lakhs of students who protested with all their might aginst the quotas, but were failed by the dark hands of our beloved politicians.... Hope they would come back strongly with more protests......

am not gonna say anything more... I've told whatever i had to say in 2 previous posts...chkout those

with love,Your crusader Praveen

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